Reload Assessment Reload Assessment offers a one-time comprehensive assessment of your Health & Wellness. Combining Evidence-based, Functional & Traditional Medicines.
Symptoms Symptoms prediction based on Reload AI to help pinpoint your Health concerns Learn more
Irregular Heart Beat
Acid Reflux
Bloating / Distension
Tingling / Numbness
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Nutrient Recommendations A unique formula custom to your needs
Vitamin A, 300mg Retinyl Palmitate
Diet intake score: 70%
Supports the following reported symptoms
Skin quality
Selection of a unique formula from 400+ nutrients
Chronobiology intelligence to optimize your intake timing (AM/PM)
Analysis of Nutrient & nutrient interactions And synergies
Drug to Nutrient
Reload Pack
PM pack with all you need to Recharge you all day
Our commitment
Non-GMO, Vegetarian Gluten Free & Vegan
100% Compostable Packaging
Premium Ingredients
48h Delivery
Free Shipping
Freshness guaranteed everyday
Single packs with all your nutrients needs
From 5 up to 15 nutrients per day
Do you already know the formula you want? Gain access to Reload nutrient intelligence and nutrient quality to create you own personalized nutrient pack at the best possible price.
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Reload Testing Connecting the Dots of your Health
A unique test that connect your genomic blueprint to your metabolic phenotype, environment (lifestyle, nutrition) and symptoms
150+ urine metabolites 4000+ genetic polymorphisms (SNPs) interpreted
Deep Health & Wellness insights connecting genomics, phenotype and environment (lifestyle, nutrition)
Reload App Real-time and dynamic Nutritional & Lifestyle analysis
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Food recognition Track your food automatically Reload combines advanced macro/micronutrient analysis & ayurvedic evaluation of your meals
Sub-Clinical Symptoms
“He who looks for disease is not going to find health.”

Frequently asked questions

What is Reload Health?

Reload Health is a next generation wellness platform that provides you with personalized supplements as well as custom nutritional and lifestyle recommendations.

Each month we fill the gaps in your diet, lifestyle and wellness issues with personalized recommendation, for free.

The one-off or monthly subscription allows you and your family to receive directly our signature box of daily nutrient packs. Each month, each nutrient pack formulation is (re)calibrated to fit your health needs, utilizing nutrient combinations that are unique to your body, lifestyle, and wellness balance.

With Reload Health, you will be free from the confusion and stress associated with buying unnecessary foods or vitamins, storing multiple bottles and remembering when and how to take your supplements.

Take the Reload Assessment to find out!

How does it work?

The first step is to take the Reload Assessment, which should take between 10 to 20 minutes. It is important to go through the whole process since the Reload system leverages all your answers to bring you the most accurate and personalized set of recommendations (Nutrients, Nutrition and Lifestyle).

You will then access your results through the Reload Dashboard with the option to order either immediately or later your Personalized Nutrient Pack

If you chose to acquire your pack or subscribe to a monthly plan, you will be able to download and use the Reload premium App (See more about the Reload App) that offers unique nutritional and lifestyle analysis features. The regular use of the App allows a fine follow-up of your wellness and a monthly fine tuning of your nutrient recommendations.

48 to 72h after your purchase and at the end of each subsequent month, you will receive a personalized nutrient pack that contains 60 pouches with two daily serving corresponding to a morning and an afternoon serving to better balance your needs.

What is different about the Reload approach?

Reload is unique since it goes granular and very detailed into the understanding of your Wellness and Health imbalances. Existing services that claim to offer personalized supplements merely create custom profiles that more or less fit your needs. But they fail to assess all the important parameters of your wellbeing. Reload gathers many unique points:

- The most comprehensive set of scientific publications (70,000) with constant update and real-time curation and proprietary scoring.

- An important weight put on Ayurvedic analysis that offer a holistic and complementary pattern to understand and improve your Health imbalances

- A Systematic interpretation of your Health though Functional medicine to understand and resolve your wellbeing issues at their Root levels.

How much does it cost?

Current pricing is dynamic and will depend on the specific nutrient recommended and/or selected in your personalized pack. You can select a minimum of 6 nutrients up to 16 nutrients for your daily serving pouches. Remember that the delivery is free of charge!

Can I customize my order?

Once you have been through the Reload Assessment you can freely customize your order by selecting items/pills to add or withdraw your personalized pack and also adjust the quantity of each similar nutrient from one to three similar cap/pill.

Your data is safe with us We are compliant with the highest level of security protocols and requirements regarding protected health and wellness information. You are the unique person who can have access to your data. We won’t use or sell your data, even anonymously, for secondary usage.