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Biovailability or Nothing Our ingredient are primarily selected to be used efficiently and safely by your body, not to generate quick profit. With Reload you are 100% sure that every single nutrient added to your formula is in its the best possible available form. The best dosage and best timing is also taken into account (chronobiology) and how nutrient interact together

100+ ingredients to optimize your Health & Wellness

Reload delve deep into the world of Herbs & Nutrients by taking into account their respective interaction, interaction with existing drugs, synergistic effects on your symptoms and their best timing for intake.

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Frequently asked questions

How does Reload select your nutrients ?

Reload is more than picky about its offering. We lay a strict and non-negotiable emphasis on the quality of nutrients and vitamins we serve you. This means a strict control of the supply-chain but mostly an offering filtering the most potent and bioavailable chemical forms for each nutrient.

What is Chronobiology?

Chronobiology knowledge about nutrient intake offers information about the ideal window for a specific nutrient intake. This information is critical to optimize and better divide the total serving of caps that the Reload system calculates. Since our body follows a circadian rhythm, each nutrient has a specific window for optimal metabolism that the Reload system takes into account.

What is Bioavailability?

Nutrient bioavailability can also be described as nutrient activity or absorption and can tremendously vary according to many factors. One key element is the chemical composition of the nutrient that can either show absolute superiority or relative edge according to the specific biology of the individual. One example is B12 (see Cases). Cyanocobalamin commonly used in the supplement Industry shows poor cellular activity versus superior forms such as methylcobalamin or hydroxocobalamin. On the other hand, nutrients such as magnesium can help different issues according to its chemical structure. For example magnesium threonate will support cognition while magnesium citrate will help more in bowel movements issues.

How to differentiate each pill in my pack?

Well, each order is accompanied by a pamphlet that lets you recognize each supplement and provide you with its nutritional value. You can also refer to your personalized nutrient recommendation Dashboard where each nutrient appears with its respective pill image and infos.

What about your ecological footprint?

Reload is eco friendly and that's why we minimize packaging in your delivery cycle. The first month we send a recyclable cardboard box and our pouches are 100% compostable to minimize the use of plastic and reduce your carbon footprint.